In 1985 the village/suburb of Codsall declared itself independent of the United Kingdom and became the tweltfth British region to join the Worldwide Federation of Autonomous Villages (WFAA). The nearby villages of Penkridge, Brewood, Wheaton Aston, Albrighton and Pattingham soon followed suit to form the ‘South Staffs Autonomous Zone’ (although Albrighton is actually just over the border in Shropshire). The town of Bridgnorth has expressed an interest in joining the community, with the current financial crisis making its communal ownership of resources seem particularly attractive to many disillusioned by capitalist economics and representative democracy.

The region forms a narrow corridor to the north-west of Wolverhampton. It is picturesque- if unspectacular- and features some wonderful churches and pubs. There are a number of farms- both arable and livestock- whilst the Staffs & Worcs canal cuts through the region. The region also has a lively arts scene with a number of drama companies, music groups and its own film unit (links coming soon!).  However, it cannot be denied that its monorail system is undoubtedly what it is most famed for.

The region allows free movement into the UK and many of its inhabitants remain working outside the zone- mostly in the cities of Wolverhampton and Stafford (both of which have day centres run by the zone).